Gift box

Looking for something for someone special? A gift box with our caviar is the perfect idea!

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MOTTRA closely monitors the quality of the food and the living conditions of the fish. During the production of food and nutrients for our fish, genetically modified products are not used, only elements that make up a natural and balanced diet. Food producers are trusted, with the best quality control available and a long history of producing sturgeon feed and nutrients. This assures MOTTRA that the fish are fed in an absolutely natural and ecological way as they would in their natural habitat.

MOTTRA fish pools are fully enclosed and heated, so the water is kept at carefully controlled temperatures using a unique technology, which enables the production of black caviar all year round. MOTTRA fully controls the caviar maturation process, resulting in the production of caviar that will delight the most discerning connoisseurs.

MOTTRA uses the most fish-friendly method in collecting caviar, that is, in the extraction process. Unlike many other caviar farms, sturgeons have their eggs removed by milking their eggs rather than being slaughtered or cesarean. The fish receive a gentle stomach massage that starts the natural process of spawning and releasing the eggs. No artificial hormones or steroids are used in any of the spawning phases.